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Image of ARCHITECT EP (CD) 2013


'Architect EP'

1. The Fire (ft. Lydmor)
2. En Anden Ting (ft. MANKY)
3. Say it Again (ft. Troels Abrahamsen)
4. It Will Be Good (ft. Maria Mortensen)

5. The Fire (Bjarnfoss Remix)
6. En Anden Ting (Eliz T∆TE Remix)
7. Say it Again (Mic Ryan Remix)
8. It Will Be Good (Knuckle Walkers Remix)

All Music Written and Performed by Bottled in England
Lyrics on 'The Fire' by Jenny Rossander
Lyrics on 'En Anden Ting' by Michael Manky
Lyrics on 'Say it Again' by Troels Abrahamsen
Lyrics on 'It Will Be Good' by Maria Mortensen

Recorded by Bottled in England & Jacob Hansen @ Jacob Hansen Studios

Mixed and Produced by Bottled in England & Jacob Hansen

Mastered by Jacob Hansen

Art Direction by Jacob Youngblood & Rasmus Nyboe

Scandinavian Release, Jan 7th 2013
Worldwide Release, Feb. 15th 2013

Heavy Steps Media 2013